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Ball Handling and Footwork Academy

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This skills academy is ran by Head Trainer William Reaves. This Academy is for all young Men and Women that are searching to improve their ball handle and footwork. 

  • Want the defense nervous to guard you coming up the court?
  • Want to score off a triple threat attacking the paint?
  • Want to get a good shot off the dribble?
  • Want to get to the basket easier?
  • Learn to use skill more than effort?
  • Struggling with your weak hand?
  • Tired of hearing from the stands “take it from him!” “He cant dribble”
  • Hovering over the ball because you don’t know how to protect it?

Whats on the agenda?

  • To make the players comfortable handling the basketball
  • Learning that ball handling is more than just dribbling with your hands
  • Make dribbling more natural than forced
  • Learn how to use your feet
  • Faster hand speed
  • Smoother handle
  • Faster feet
  • Learn the importance of pace
  • Learn to handle pressure
  • Being shifty
  • Crafty
  • Strong with the ball
  • Aggressive with the ball

What this clinic entails
  • There will be 6 Mondays of an hour of strictly:
    • Dribbling
    • Teaching
    • Learning
    • Growing
  • In those 6 weeks we can only get so better in the gym
    • So every Monday I will handout or send out a workout plan for the players to do on their own

What will we be learning?
  • To perfect the fundamentals of ball handling
  • The importance of:
    • Hips
    • Hands
    • Feet
    • Eyes 
    • Shoulders
  • Limiting our dribbles but maximizing our game
  • Getting to the spots we want
  • How to use misdirection 

How do we plan on achieving these goals?
  • Work as hard as we can
  • Be pushed to our limits and more
  • Work under pressure
  • Learn to have fun while working hard
  • Learning to do things outside of the gym as well as inside