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Point Guard School: High School (8 Weeks June 14th through August 2nd)

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Coached by Victor Joshua (Director/Founder, Professional, 4 Year Collegiate Player)

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These specialty sessions structured by Victor Joshua and Respect Hoops are great places for point guards and all perimeter players and will concentrate on advanced techniques for the experienced player. We will feature weekly sessions.

Do you think the Respect Hoops Point Guard Sessions are for you?

Do you want to become a more effective player?

Do you want to become a real student of the game?

Do you want to become a leader on the floor?

If you answered yes, then Point Guard School is for you

Middle School thru High School

  • Learn advanced passing techniques
  • Learn advanced Ball Handling Techniques
  • Learn how to constantly "Hunt the Paint" and develop scoring opportunities for your team.
  • Leadership Skill development is at the core of all sessions
  • We teach - explosion moves - change of speed - change of direction - how to finish at the basket- court vision - the transition game.
  • Advanced Passing techniques
  • Read the help-side defense
  • Master the subtleties of the game
  • Become a tenacious defender
  • Slow the game down & make better decisions in the paint
  • Get higher % shots & influence your team’s shot selection
  • Influence and inspire teammates using communication
  • Transform their basketball IQ and decision-making

  • College Coaches, Players and Professionals work with us at every Point Guard session.

All participants receive a Respect Hoops Basketball T-shirt, Evaluation and Certificate.

($100 off for returning participants and sibling discount) - CODE: 'RETURN' OR 'SIBLING'

PAYMENT CAN BE FINANCED (Contact for more information)